Main Types of Corporate Videos to Promote Your Business

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What are Corporate Videos?

Corporate videos are non-advertisement based videos created by businesses and published on platforms; today’s being mainly social media.

Videos play an important role in marketing in the modern world- where you have but a few seconds to grab your audience’s attention. Moving objects capture viewers’ attention, and keep it. Adding to that, the average person also tends to process and remember videos much better than images and texts, as they also prevent regression. 

They give businesses a chance to tell their story and send out a message, creating an image for themselves outside of the products and services that they offer.

Types of Corporate Videos

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1. Corporate profiles

This is quite possibly the most important type of corporate video that you should make. These videos are how you will build your brand’s image. 

After watching these videos, consumers should be able to gain some insight as to what your brand is about; show them your company’s vision, and even give them snippets of its history.

The casts of these videos should mainly include real life employees and workers; perhaps even your own CEO. This makes the videos more personal and reliable, encouraging customers to put their trust in you and buy your products and services.

2. Social media

Many people are influenced by social media; thus, your brand’s image on these platforms will have a great impact on how your consumers perceive you.

Many businesses take this opportunity to show their audience what they stand for; perhaps they are against climate change or animal cruelty. By possibly sharing the same values, consumers are more drawn towards your brand.

These videos have a similar goal as those of corporate profile, however, they aren’t as direct. Use them to build a personality for your brand; make them humorous, inspiring or even sad. Take advantage of the fact that you can show your audience who your company is through your taste.

3. Promotional videos

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These videos are made to promote any products, services or events that the business might have.

In order for these videos to work, they must not only portray the product or service you are trying to sell, but the entire lifestyle that comes with it. This gives your audience more of a reason to choose you and your products.

This can be done through various methods; even by doing tutorials and giving your audience different perspectives as to how they could use your product, or by making video content that people will be compelled to share with others.

These videos can either be broadcasted on television, or even posted on social media platforms such as Youtube and IGTV.

4. Testimonials

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These are the videos that are made using your customers themselves. Give them the platform to share their experiences, and express their honest opinion on what using your products is like. Allow them to tell the rest of your audience just why they should choose your business.

They are also an integral part of gaining your audience’s trust. Your consumers must be able to relate to the person in the video; the more similar the person is to them, the more trust they have. Similarly, they tend to trust more businesses which are promoted by influential people.

5. Training videos 

These videos will be for your own personal use within the company. Through them, you will be able to teach your employees different skills and techniques without having to be there physically. 

All you have to do is film one clear video in which the techniques and skills in question are taught; with visuals and directions that reach the clarity, your employees require to learn.

These are far more time and cost-effective than teaching in person, as your employees can easily re-watch any parts of the video if they don’t understand it the first time, and the video can also be shown to multiple audiences at different times with close to zero additional costs.

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