Perfume N Cologne

 The reflection of how we increased revenue by 772,475%

Yes, those numbers are real and also, we achieved it in just 180 days.

meeting-marketing client case study

How it started, 

A company called Perfume N cologne contacted us. Being one of the biggest wholesale distributors of perfume in the USA, they saw their retailers make a lot of profit through online sales. 


With similar intentions, they attempted to take their sales online. After several years, many strategies and also some failed investments in marketing agencies, they concluded that they needed a new approach. 

That’s where we came in.


They turned to us for a cost effective way to market their website and increase their sales. They found what they were looking for in us and got on board with us

First steps

Initially, we did not have much data to work with, so we started off with paid ad campaigns on Google and Facebook. However, we noticed that there was a high bounce rate and cart abandonment midway through the buying journey. We also tried a few other paid advertising channels, but we still didn’t reach our desired objective. We knew that this company had huge potential and we were determined to help it reach its maximum.


We looked for reasons as to why our strategies weren’t working as well as we expected. So after engaging with potential customers on social media in forums and related groups, we learnt that the issue was trust. YES! Visitors to the website did not trust it enough because the prices were so low. 


We were surprised when we first realized that offering the best prices for the consumers actually worked against the company, as people thought that the prices were too good to be true. We knew that we had to do something about it, if not we knew that we’ll be losing a lot of potential customers. Here is where we undertook a shift in our strategy. 


Instead of advertising, we prioritized on building trust and brand loyalty. We managed to bring value to people by means of giving knowledge and helping them learn something new. 

The Shift

We started writing blogs strategically. We researched keywords and industry trends and came up with some highly informative and helpful articles that helped us get the below results within just 45 days after launching the blog. 

perfume blog marketing case study

Our articles soon started showing up for lesser competitive, but relevant search results and people found our answers in our blogs for questions regarding perfume. Through techniques such as funneling and call to actions, we started gaining trust and turning visitors into loyal customers. 

seo results perfume industry

Some examples of our call to actions:

Perfume call to actions

The Revenue Boost

We didn’t just stop at blogs when we used this approach of bringing helpful information to people. 


We also started an Instagram page and crafted our strategy based on this approach. The page provided daily tips regarding perfume use while simultaneously advertising the perfumes on perfume N cologne.

The use of small to medium sized influences, affiliate programs and free giveaways helped gain more reach and traction towards perfume N cologne. 

perfume giveaway

The Marketing Results


Increase in Revenue


Increase in Users

perfume digital marketing results

Numbers don’t lie. And the results of our methods speak for themselves.


Within 180 days, we were able to achieve on behalf of our client, a 188% increase in the number of users and a 772,475% increase in revenue and also a 112.8% increase in the number of sessions.(The exact numbers are not disclosed for confidential reasons.)


This was one of our accomplishments. We have a lot planned ahead. With careful planning and strategic thinking, we aspire to bring such value to all our present and future clients.