The Step-by-Step Guide to Create a LinkedIn Company Page

Besides creating your own personal account, Linkedin also allows its users to create company pages; the perfect opportunity to create and build up a separate identity for your brand.

Besides that, these pages can also be administrated by up to 50 different Linkedin accounts; making it easy to spread the responsibility of managing them.

Here is our step by step guide so you can create your own company page:

1. Login to your Linkedin account

Linkedin requires that you be logged in to your own personal account in order to create a page. You must also agree that the company in in question has given you the authority to create such a page.

2. Click the “Work” icon

This is the square shaped icon on the top right corner of your screen. Scroll through the drop down menu till you find the option to  “Create a company page”.

drop down menu

2. Fill in the information

Linkedin requires very basic information about your company; from its name to the industry it’s in- anything else is optional. You will also be required to select which category fits your company description best from the ones given below. This is done so Linkedin can cater to your companies specific needs.

selection for which category a business belongs to: small, medium to large, showcase page or educational institute.

Besides what is required, adding more detail to your company page -such as an attractive logo and background- will make users feel more inclined to click on it. This also relates to adding a tagline, as it will appear in your company’s thumbnail; giving you the chance to compel users to view your page through a single line.

Once you’ve provided the details of your company and chosen a tagline and logo; a preview of your company page will be visible on the right hand side of the screen.

3. Select “Create Page”

4. Customize your page

ShiftX Media about page

This is where you can now share posts, add a cover photo, description, and other details that give viewers some insight into the personality you’ve built for your company.

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